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Contact Us,Favorite Links and info
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Email me with any questions!

I will take a check for a non refundable deposit to hold a puppy that is not old enough to go home.
Cash would be due for the balance on the 
day of pick up.
I will gladly accept a puppy back with in 72 hours if a pup has been seen by a vet and is found to have a serious illness. A written statement from the vet is needed. Pups also come with a 1 Year genetic or life threatening health guarantee
All pups will have left my home healthy with their first vaccines and a number of dewormings.
Vaccine record and care sheets are included.
and a blanket with the litter mates smell on it

For more information contact Me.
Just click this address to send me an e-mail:


A great site on Puppy Mills!


Vaccine Warning
Please be aware of the Leptospirosis vaccine,
It causes adverse reactions in small dogs, expecially dachshunds.
Small breeds have enough trouble with the normal puppy series of vaccinations. Alergies, etc. Some vets here in California still give small breeds this vaccine and others will not. It can also depend on what State you live in.
Please talk to your vet regarding a vaccination program.