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Puppy Nursery

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Puppy Nursery
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Our Adults and their friends: Photo Page!

 Dachshund Puppies
will be listed below if any are Available
 as waiting list will be fulfilled first
Please feel free to contact me if your interested in being on my wait or notification list for up coming litters


Adult Dachshund Adoptions available this Winter. If interested please contact me for more Info.

What's Included with your doxie pup ?  
All puppies go home with their first set of vaccines, wormed  multiple times, have a 1 yr  congenital (genetic) health guarantee , registration papers, vaccination record, care sheet and a blanket or toy that has the litter mates smell on it to help them feel more at home. They will also be started on potty training while in my home and will be well socialized. They are held and cared for everyday, being raised in our kitchen with the family makes this very easy to do.

This is where the puppies are raised until they go home
at 8 weeks (In my kitchen)


Regarding Photos of Pups:
Please keep in mind i take alot of close up photos so puppies sometimes look bigger than what they are.

Located in Southern California.
*Email for more info or for a call contact* 
Emails are checked regularly